Death & Damnation

Dear Diary, Entry 1

Why me?

Dear Diary,

Today started off so promising as Jarenthal and I started off towards Tosu today. As we arrived in town a messenger appeared, handed the master a parcel and departed. The master after reading a message informed me that an emissary of Ohgma had been abducted off the Kings Road north of Tosu and that my final training would be to secure his safe release. He also advised me to hire some help for the task from the trading post of Tosu as he would only be observing for the duration of the mission.

Upon entering the local watering hole, it became apparent that the pickings would be slim. The ones who even appeared remotely competent were a pious half orc, a surly elf, a past his prime human, and a charlatan and a pair of charlatans. After approaching each of them the only one that seemed at all concerned over the abduction was the ORC of all things. The rest only seemed to care about the money, well except for the older human at the bar who accepted without revealing why as he neither seemed to care about the abduction nor the monetary reward.

We set off the following morning after the torrential downpour had turned into just some morning misting heading north along the road. A few hours into the trip one of the twins who decided that shadowing us would be a good idea(while not even trying to actually hide!) was spotted by the elf. A ruckus ensued and I managed to pull the wool over one of the twins eye by altering my appearance and voice to that of her twin, most amusing!

Anyway, after things calmed down we all introduced ourselves like proper civilized folk and off we went. It was not very long until we came across the seen of an attack, several looters fled the scene as we approached. Several corpses were sprawled in the mud, riddled with crossbow bolts and pierced by blades. A wagon’s ruts were clearly seen in the mud leading away from the scene and we followed them.

Around dusk we arrived at a ruined temple that was guarded by a mercenary outfit with a reputation for taking any job, no matter how distasteful. The elf and I scouted out the place and set up in flanking positions while we had the main bulk of the party approach from the front. The initial contact with the enemy went well and we soon dispatched the guards and even captured one alive. He spilled the beans rather quickly with that nasty looking orc looming over him. My target had been taken deeper into the temple so with a resolute heart I rallied my companions and set forth.

After overcoming a trap we came across the priest who was in poor condition, dragging himself along with a broken leg being chased by zombies of all things. My memory fails me a bit here but a short time later we had successfully dispatched our foes and rescued the emissary, huzzah! But my joy at having rescued him was short lived when he informed us that his daughter was still being held by the miscreants. So after having stopped for a short breather and writing this journal entry we now head deeper into the temple to rescue the fair damsel in distress!

Reemus Twofeather


Dear Diary, Entry 2

Well, good news is those healing potions we found proved to be quite handy, but the bad news is these damnable undead keep beating the crap out of us. We kept pushing further down into the dungeon and are continually met with more undead. It seems like no matter how many of them we cut down, there’s always one more of them waiting. I’m sporting quite the bump on my noggin’ and the rest of the party isn’t fairing much better. I’m starting to get flashbacks of my sparring training with Sword Master Norree back at the academy. He always did seem to take an especially perverse pleasure at thumping the newbies in the head with the flat of his blade.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand… After cutting our way through several groups of the undead we came to a chamber that contained what I think is a greater fiend trapped in a ritual of some kind. A cultist of the Unmaking was attempting to release it through some profane ritual involving the Ohgma envoy’s daughter. How nefarious! Well, the elf and one of the twins chickened out right before the final battle, but they mustered their courage and ran in once the fighting started. It was vicious close quarters combat, but over rather quickly once the mighty fighter dakken blackblade(who wields a hammer of all things) parted the cultists head from his shoulders(with a hammer no less!) after a few well placed rapier cuts from me. The girl was unconscious and the demon was rather intimidating so we grabbed her and left most adroitly.

After resting from our tribulations and tending our wounds I made my report to Master Jerenthal. the group made it’s way down to the ritual chamber and performed a proper search. Just as I entered the room the half orc picked up a book and unleashed some sort of cursed mark upon every living soul in the room, damn my timing. The lot of us are now afflicted with a demon mark on our left hands. I took the book from the paladin and rested so that I could use my magics and training to decipher it.

During the night, Talina(the bitch) or Latine(the pyro) or both of them blew up the fucking dungeon. The only chance we have of removing the curse mark is to kill the demon and now we have no means of getting to it! WHAT THE FUCK??!! Oh, those two are going to get their comeuppance…

Well, the two we rescued were quite grateful. Amarath and his daughter Eletyrie will be accompanying us to Thade were I’m hoping a priest or cleric might be able to help us remove these curse marks. It also looks like the rest of the marked victims will be coming as well, the party will hold together for a while longer.

Eletyrie is a rather comely lass, a bit shy for my taste though, I’m having trouble telling what color her eyes are. If only she would look up at me for more than a split second. Ah well, perhaps something could come of this if I can get to know her a little better.

Back on the road again now, we’re making our way via cart to Thade with everyone in tow. Nothing interesting to report for the first day. However during the night watch we were set upon by some hobgoblin bandits. Latina and Ralmevik were on shift when they attacked, and in his haste to wake Dakken and myself, Ralmevik tripped over Dakken and landed on me… directly on my LIPS!!! My first kiss… with an ORC! What cruel fate lies upon me, how horrible must I have been in a previous life to deserve such as this.

Sigh… no more… I… cannot continue this for now. I shall report more later.

-Reemus Twofeather

Dear Diary, Entry 1

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