Ta-Lina "Laughing Octopus"


Rouge/Sorcerer (Sneak in, steal, get out before notice) personality traits
10 1 (human) I have a joke for every occasion.
14 I pocket anything I see of value.
12 nothing can shake my pessimistic attitude.
13 ideals
8 +1(human)
1(feat)+1(feat) I am determined to make something of my self.
15 I am commeted to the people I care about not ideals.
Feats (Observant/Resilent) bonds
my ill gotten gains go to support my sister(contract).
I pursue wealth to secure my sisters life.
I cant help but pocket loose coins and other trinkets.
its not stealing if I need it more.
favorite food coney stu.
like to do in down time practice stealing technices and sharpening weapons practice
1 character patriarch “Rom Baro” real name unknown also head assassin is training Ta-Lina and a few others how to be assassins among other stuff. he gets mass respect from everyone
2 character Ta-Lina my mother she went on wild adventures with conigar/ dakon/ vestra/ rigar/ and mall the bear. she stole from a very powerful wizard of (enter plot land) named (enter plot name).
3 character Samuel Sullivan. he is the cook at carnival he is a marvilos meal maker of mearth and merriment. and is a master poisoner.


raised in a circus with my twin sister. the circus was a cover for a Gypsy familie or “Familia”, will relate to other closely related families who live in other parts of the country, forming a mutual assistance network called a “Vitsa”. Members of a vitsa are housed, fed and entertained when in town. witch is also a common crime organization called the “kumpania”. half of the circus just thinks we just steal. but the "Rom Baro, a male patriarch selected from among the different patriarchs in the families. who is the Master Assassin takes a few family members to train to take over contracts. due to a few deaths in training the only one left was Ta-Lina so the master had no choice but to continue to train her. when the age of marriage came along a very rich and powerful lord blackmailed a contract to gain control of a family. the Rom Baro decreed La-Tina be married to him for the groom’s family having to pay a “Daro” or bridepeace/dowery determined by the bride-to-be’s patriarch. Ta-Lina had no chose but to sneak La-Tina out because her groom had dark habbits. leaving a note saying taking my sister on a view of the world or “Rumshpringa” is a term for adolescence used in some gypsy communities. mine was not supposed to happen till I finished my training in a few years but I did not have time to wait and my sister is not some thing I view as a piece to be barterd or sold. so if I can get enough money I can buy off the engagement and insure her place in the side lines of the family away from harm that is why my character is adventuring.
Any Gypsy woman who does not follow the rules of her Gypsy society is marime or impure, the ultimate stigma to be avoided at all costs.

Ta-Lina "Laughing Octopus"

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