La-Tina AKA "Teeny" or "Teeny-Tiny"

Younger twin to Ta-Lina


Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Str 10 +1 (human)
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 13
Wis 8 +1 (human)
Char 15

Retreated from society as a child after death of Mother and again after disappearance of Mentor.

Personality: 5, 7, 6, 8
I am oblivious to social graces and get lost in my own thoughts. I also believe in a great tide of energy that flows under the world we see. One day I will understand it and show its power with the world.

Ideals: 3, 5
I believe that curiosity and investigation is the key to a fulfilled life. I also do not want to meddle in other’s affairs. I’ve been told my whole life I am a bad seed and can only cause grief and woe.

Bond: 3, 5
I must learn how to control or at least ride with the waves of magic under reality. If someone darker than I controls it or if I am not strong enough to resist an evil that tries to control me using it, the world we see could be ripped apart.

Flaw: 6, 1
There are things I know that will never pass my lips even if it would ease another person’s grief. I can not tell when I am liked or loved or just wanted. Any attention is intoxicating to me.


Ta-Lina and La-Tina are twin sisters. Lina is the eldest. Their mother died as Tina left her body. It is a sign, a warning to the world, Tina is a bad seed, a life taker. That is what she has learned.

Many people even close to The Family have no idea that Tina exists. She learned the shame of her life early and retreated easily to books and solitude. While her sister enjoyed rigorous training Tina was left to her own amusements.

She made friends in those even The Family had discarded. Old Peter, the one handed three fingered “magician”. 50 years a pick-pocket until the last time he was caught and they decided only a noose would end his thievery. Rumor is he slipped his cell in broad daylight picking the guard’s key with his three damned fingers. Plane-Face Mary, an old harlot who claimed that she got paid more to whip men than to pleasure them. She could change her looks from drab to stunning in a heart beat, but only if you looked away (Tina always tried to peek.) Simple Henry, cleaned up the place, any place he happened to be in: bar, shop, house, stable. He had a big scar that ran from the back of his neck all the way to the top of his skull. He says he knew magic until a dwarf drained it from his head with an ax. It was her friends who brought her books, told her stories of mystery and opened her eyes to the world behind the one we see.

She had been trying for months to do a coin trick Old Peter had shown her. Simple, make a coin disappear from one hand and re-appear behind someone’s ear. Lots of boys could do it. But Peter did it with only three fingers and one hand and you had to pull it out from your hair yourself and hand it back to him. There was no hiding it behind fat fingers or sticking it to some tar on your wrist. You pulled the coin he put there from behind your own ear. He did this trick for her time and time again. Then one day Tina didn’t give it back. “No, I’m going to keep it so I can try myself.” “Silly girl,” Peter smiled “You can’t keep it. The coin isn’t real.” With that he flicked his fingers and the coin turned to cold air in her fist. “But you can go ahead and try to do it yourself, now you know the trick of it.” She knew she had seen magic, real magic, and she wanted to do it.

For two nights and a day she stayed awake thinking of the coin. The shape of it, the weight, the color, the feel, everything. She would hold out her hand with a loose grip and imagine a fake coin was resting in her palm. The weight, the feel, the shape… She started to doze. Her head bobbed and snapped back up. “It’s not a fake coin!” She realized, “It’s real, to me!” A spasm wracked her whole body. Her hand was burning and freezing, and in it she clutched a small copper coin. The weight, the feel, the color… perfect. At the same time Ta-Lina was awoken by music she could not find the source of…

Less than a year later Ta-Lina was turning 16. a fine age for marriage. But Lina was not… the marrying type. To seal an alliance The Family needed a marriage and La-Tina was summoned to become her sister in a whirlwind courtship. Gifts, flattery and what appeared to be love was showered on Tina. She never saw the dark looks, never heard the awkward pauses and the sounds from down her betrothed’s private wing. The day before the wedding with all the gifts arrayed in her new seemingly palatial room Tina had a visit from her older twin.
“Hey Teeny-Tiny. Pack up. We are leaving. Grab the most valuable things and get moving!”
“Why? You can’t make me. I want to be here! You can’t ruin this for me!”
“I’m not going to ruin this for you. Your fiance will.”
Ta-Lina had to practically drag her younger sister through the servant’s passages until they were in the furthest part of the groom’s wing. Tina’s complaints slipped into silence as she heard the crying of a child younger than herself coming from her groom’s room. He was laughing. She looked in. She looked away. They left that night with anything made of solid gold or silver, wrapped in strips of silk torn from her wedding dress.

They have been running ever since.

La-Tina AKA "Teeny" or "Teeny-Tiny"

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