Death & Damnation

Ta-Lina to La-Tina

man I hate rain. we arrived at a tavern witch was lucky because I was not looking forword to putting up the tent. we pulled the switch so we don’t have to pay for bolth of us. we got a job whitch was awesome we need the money. ran into a guy who looks like the man my mom adventured with kind-ov. he has the same sigil as him anyway and the family name to boot I totally called it should have seen the look on his face priceless. these people are crazy one of them tried to kill me for no reason all because I didn’t want to walk with the group, man I need to work more on my ability to fade into the background. master would have been displeased (o well he is probably going to kill us anyway). we investigated the couch found a trail it lead to a overgrown building and dispatched the guards disarmed a trap (I rock) ran into a crawling guy being chased by dead people (then I don’t remember what happened). we went past some wax stuff found some more dead things a couple of empty-ish rooms found the daughter (who’s daughter why are we looking what the fuck is going on) being floating and stabied I gess or about to so we ran into the room killed more dead stuff and a dude. this huge demon thing was talking to me trying to free it self I gess or just anoy me so I blew it up while everybody was sleeping (bet he is pissed now) now we going to the big city so we better be extra carefule about getting noticed by the family we do not have enough to pay off the deficit.



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